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Archives » The Shop Mos Eisley Shop can not carry any more passengers.
Went back to my roots to nose around and got this trying to enter Mos Eisley Shop.

"The Shop Mos Eisley Shop can not carry any more passengers."

It's not a real problem. I assume this means it's full of entities. I'm a bit curious. Is this a common thing and if it fills up with inactive people, how long does it become "lost to the game"?



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Mos Eisley is a popular place, so the shop being full isn't terribly surprising. If it persists for more than a day or so, it might be the case that it is full with inactive players, for which the assistants would have to be called in to relocate them.


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I had the same problem with that same shop over a period of 2 days recently (last weekish?). I left without a successful visit. ("Jawas! Your Jawas! We don't serve their kind here. They'll have to wait outside.")

A fellow player also reports the same problem with a facility on Csilla (I think, wherever Chiss spawn.)

I wonder, do hired NPCs that get abandoned there add to the passenger tally? Could it be mostly NPCs?

Can anyone else chime in with this problem?


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A solution for inactives in NPC facilities is planned and awaiting implementation. If we observe a problem with NPCs, it shouldn't be hard to include those as well.


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