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Year 6 Day 242 4:35
I recently tried to join the banner exchange and it doesnt work... I mean, after I click submit once it says that the page has not been found. I've tried several times and the results are the same. Whats wrong?

Year 6 Day 242 14:21
So no one knows?

Year 6 Day 243 2:04
Works fine for me, I just signed up a test account. Are you using this page:

If so, at what point of the process does it say page not found.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 243 11:18
It still doesnt work... wait, what does it mean by my login ID? And does the password go with that?

Whats the difference between the site URL and the Banner URL?

Maybe Ive just been entering wrong information...

Year 6 Day 243 11:54
Combine Handle: self explanatory
Real Name: self explanatory
Login ID: The name you want to use to login to the banner exchange. Just use your SWC handle.
Password: self explanatory
Site URL: The url to the site you want your banner to link to
Banner URL: The url to the image file that is your banner

If that still doesn't work can you give me the URL it sends you to?


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 243 12:03
Oh, I have to make my own banner from scratch?

Year 6 Day 243 12:25


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 243 12:50
Ok, well I have no clue how to do that so I guess I cant earn CPs that way.


Year 6 Day 245 5:19
Is there any limit to the number of Combine Banners we have on our website? Could we have like 20 per page on the site or something (easier way to get CPs ;)

Year 6 Day 247 8:55
I take it you mean getting CPs for joining the banner exchange? If so it's one per site.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 247 8:59
Damn, ok thanks.

What do you use to make banners (animation, etc.)?

Year 6 Day 247 9:05
can't say 've ever made any personnaly, I suck at art. If I did it'd probably use Jasc Animation Shop, it came with Paint Shop Pro 7.


Kids these days!