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Archives » How often can I abuse the system?
Q: How often may I perform Illegal Activities against spirit of the game and get away with a minor slap in the wrist?

I'm serious about it, seeing Brat Cost Ru, who already was caught once (yes Olios, it's second time) is given "XP loss penalty" for the very same thing he did last time.

So we see no regret, no improvement, a classic sign of failed social rehabilitation.

"Cheat me once - shame on you.. Cheat me twice - well, we won't be harsh on you again"


I don't believe Hutts are a superior race. I know that.

Lanthrym system holosite

If you honestly believe that he was "caught for doing the same thing he did last time," not only are you jumping to conclusions, but you have no knowledge of history and are not even reading the information that was given about the current situation.

He was unbanned last time after his case was reviewed since he was deemed to be uninvolved, and he turned himself in this time upon realizing after the market issue was made public that the ships in his possession might be illegal. Therefore, no ban, but full XP loss.

Kyle considered all of the information when he made his decision, and has always been known to be fair and impartial. If you seriously have an issue with the way he deals with a situation, the appropriate response is for you to contact him personally to discuss your differences in opinion.

This situation has absolutely nothing to do with you, nor do you have any basis of accusing Kyle of bias.

Your post does not contain the spirit of asking a question; you are clearly intent on provoking Kyle and starting a flame war, and that will not be tolerated here.