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Archives » Custom Items vs. Custom Pics
Year 9 Day 217 6:02
First off, I am only posting this because I genuinely want to know the answer. I do not post with any preconceived notions of being correct or incorrect.

Ok, there are two ways to get a "Custom Item" in the game:
1. Take an existing in-game item, ie "backpack", and apply a custom picture to it. This does not change anything about the item except its picture. It's still a functioning backpack.
2. Create a custom item. This is basically an equipable picture; it cannot have any function in the game whatsoever, and is for RP purposes only.
If either of these two premises are incorrect, everything after this is wrong too.

Now my question is this:
Say I wanted to create some "ceremonial armor", but didn't own any armor; can I create my ceremonial armor as a custom item that has no stats, but is equippable on my chest? Keep in mind that this would not look like any armor that is in-game.

Teniel Djo said this:
I wrote the rules, as I was in fact the Art Director who introduced Custom Images to the game. I assure you I am no[t] "misinterpreting" anything - any custom weapons or armour that are not simply images on top of proper items are routinely deleted, even if a newbie art critic on the team accidentally clicked the wrong button.

Emphasis is mine in her quote, but this brings up another interesting scenario: I tried to get a "ceremonial armor" picture on top of a proper armor, but was rejected because the armor picture did not look like the actual armor I owned. Now, my options were
a) get actual armor in game that looked like the armor pic I made
b) create a custom item with my armor pic on it, with no useability

Option a was nearly impossible, because the only armor remotely close to it was "imperial royal armor", which would have set me back a cool 12 million credits.
So I went with option B.

This is from the art forum:
-Can not represent an item/ship...that can be owned ingame (No stormtrooper armour Custom items)

Since I was trying to create something that did not even exist in the game, why wouldn't it be allowed as a custom item? I interpret these rules to say "No weapons or armor that are in the game already", whereas I interpret Teniel's statement to say "No weapons or armor". Am I wrong? My apologies to Teniel if I have misquoted or misinterpreted her views.

I legitimately am not trying to stir up a debate, I just want a clear answer and explanation of the custom items vs. custom pics rules. Thanks


Year 9 Day 217 7:07
Nice post. But you provided the answer to your problem yourself.


This is a Ceremonial (Combat) Armour. So you want to have a 'custom item' which is represented rules-wise by an existing one.
Your only solution is: buy an existing Ceremonial Combat Armour and attach a custom item on it.


Year 9 Day 217 8:49
Teniel's comment looks pretty straight forward to me, I'm failing to see whats difficult to understand about it.

You can not create custom items of weapons or armour, only apply custom images to existing weapons or armour. With those custom images still having to be recognisable as the item your applying them to.

Edited By: Ralgarrch on Year 9 Day 217 8:50

Year 9 Day 217 9:21
@vip - Ha I didn't even realize that was a real item. I used the term "ceremonial armor" in this post just to emphasize that I wanted "armor" that was for looks, not usage. In using that term, I inadvertently referred to an actual item in game... Doh!

@Ralgarrch - Yes, I agree, Teniel's post does look straightforward. I interpreted it to mean "no weapons/no armor", and it seems you did as well. What is not straightforward, however, is the seemingly conflicting line from the art forum that says no custom items that are actual items in game. (this is where my original post lost credibility due to my overlooking the ceremonial armor).

In interpreting the art forum's line, I would think it would be safe for me to create some custom item armor (that wasn't created in game), because the armor failed to "represent an item/ship...that can be owned ingame"


Year 9 Day 217 10:00
It's about interpretation. You may not have a custom item that is armour or weapons, unless it is clearly and obviously unusable/non-functional (not that I'm even sure how you would achieve that).

Basically, a custom item is not supposed to be able to fool someone into thinking you have an actual, functional SWC item (regardless of whether that is your intention or not).


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Year 9 Day 217 10:24
Pozz it's simple,

1. Buy "ceremonial armor"
2. Create a custom image to dress it up
3. Pay to have it applied


1. Create a Dress or Ceremonial Uniform or costume or something similar
2. Create a custom image that looks nothing like an existing item
3. Pay to have it applied


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