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Year 9 Day 217 13:20
Filithell Arborin
Filithell Arborin
I noticed that "construction" requires a datacard, but nowhere in "constructing space stations" does it mention the need for a datacard. So......my question is whether i need one in order to build a station.

In a related question. I noticed that several space stations have no faction affiliations. Does that mean no existing faction has every built that kind of space station?


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Year 9 Day 217 13:33
Construction doesn't use physical datacards, just the ability to build something which is contingent on your faction type.

Not all space stations require any specific faction type in order to be built, meaning they can be built by any.

Year 9 Day 217 19:52
So do space stations have to be built by and for factions, or can individuals construct and own them? If my faction is not affiliated with a certain type of station, then can I construct one for myself of that type?


Year 9 Day 217 20:17
Individuals can construct stations. The stations that are available to all are listed on the Faction Creation page, under the list of facilities that are available to all.


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Year 9 Day 217 20:20
The only ones "you" can construct are:
Space colonies I & II
Lexuary colonies

Others need to be build by the faction that would own them:
Trade stations-trading Faction
Factions can build them, but the factions need to manage them to make them effective.


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Year 9 Day 218 5:02
Coleman Rendar
Coleman Rendar
Production factions can make the trading I station. not just trading factions


Year 9 Day 218 12:49
This is all on the rules, so there is no need to recap.