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Archives » Can't report issue with the 'Bug Report Form' in Mantis
I have noticed that the link http://journal.swcombine.com/ in About-Feature page doesn't work and I've tried to report the issue using the Bug Report Form.
I enter the mantis bugtracking system with my account but when I click on the Submit Report button at the bottom of the screen, the button gets disabled (see the html code of the page).

Is my fault or there is something wrong?




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I have just tried to report a bug and got the same results. Click submit and the button grays out. The page remains, no message is given and no report is made. This was the forth try. All required fields are entered.

I tried a day ago when the slowdowns were starting and though it was related, however two tries today yield the same results. Nothing.



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Jaggo Bral
Jaggo Bral
I guess the main server is still down, so bug reports don't work (as stated in the sim news). You're not supposed to file bug reports at this time anyway (as stated in the Sim News)


Opp's. I though that with two days passed and the system back to "normal", it would be ok. I havn't seen anymore system related bugs today. But if the Bug Base is down for a reason, then it's down for a reason.

I'll wait till they give the go ahead.

Thanks Jaggo.



The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.