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Archives » Need old inventory events?
Year 9 Day 219 0:56
This service is no longer available.

If you are here because you need to retrieve some inventory events, Send an email to assistants@swcombine.com include as much information in your post as possible. We need a few basic things from you:

- Date range of the events. Be as exact as possible. If you can't provide the date within a year (in Combine time, please!), include as much additional information as you can.

- Exact handle of the individual with whom the transactions were made.

- What was transferred; credits, assets, NPCs, a ship? A Darkness message?

- Anything else you can remember about the event(s) in question that would help. Amount of credits, the message you sent with the credits, type/name/ID of ship, etc.

Example of a useful request:

"I need to retrieve an event from somewhere between year 7 day 250 and year 8 day 150 where Phryss sent me some type of ship. I think it was a YT."

Example of an useless request:

"I need the event where I sent some money to Phryss a while ago."

WARNING: Send an e-mail with the aforementioned information to assistants@swcombine.com. Please make sure the email that you use is either your Original signup email or your Preferred Email address from your SWC account. This is to ensure that no one is accessing information that is not theirs.

Edited By: Gavin von Ismay on Year 14 Day 68 9:09