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Archives » Ship in my inventory that I don't own
I have an odd problem that I'm certain is a side-effect from the chaos of today's hardware issues and whatnot.

Upon finishing a duel with one of my unarmed brawlers I was looking through the events and spotted these two events, just before I had brawled.

[General] 37 Year 9 Day 224, 21:05 Your custom ship images for shipID: 118746 has been accepted by Kendall Holm
[General] 38 Year 9 Day 224, 21:05 Your custom ship images for shipID: 4322 has been accepted by Kendall Holm

They caught me eye as I haven't requested custom ship images in a while and they were dated just a few minutes before. Curious, I checked my ship inventory to see a DST (ID#118746) sitting in my inventory. This is a DST I sold to a friend a while back 3-4 months ago and it had a custom I had applied on it at about the same time.

The other ship ID# 4322 is nowhere to be found in my inventory so I've no clue about that one. Anyways I checked my inventory events to see if for some reason the owner had given me the ship and alas, no inventory events regarding the transfer of it to me.

So now I'm sitting here with an apparent ghost ship in my inventory, unsure of how it got there, if the previous owner still has it in his inventory as well, and if anyone else has experienced a similar phenomenon?

Edit: Just as a note to self, both those custom images did in fact take 500 cps from meh

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Something remotely simillar happened to me too. The inventory says I have about 500k credits more than I know I had the other day. No inventory event to justify the extra. While I wouldn't mind the quick buck, if someone could look into this and see what's going on, for the fairness of the game if no other reason.


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I too have more credits than I should. I seem to have gained approx 480k since yesterday, with no explanation in the transaction sheets.


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I gained about 2 million more.



Just before the disaster hit I got this message
[General] 10 Year 9 Day 224, 21:06 Your custom vehicle images for vehicleID: 135436 has been accepted by Kendall Holm
Problem is that number belongs to a SHIP, not a vehicle. I did let Kendall Holm know about it but I thought I'd mention it here as well.


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Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
I had this happen, a ship that I owned has reverted to the former owner. So I suspect there are more instances of these.

My ship I lost was YT 2000 Kanushka II (ID 127455). The previous owner was in the military and has been inactive for a few weeks. It is docked in the ship I'm flying which belongs to the faction I'm in. I made a separate thread but after reading this decided I'd add it here since it seems related.