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Archives » Could not enter owned vehicle
Year 9 Day 226 6:04
When preparing for podrace yesterday, 3 of my own Banthas were used as part of 6 waypoints, all racers set as crew and after some testing all worked fine, we left and then crash happened.

today, 2 of those Banthas had bug issue. when attempting to enter them with clicking ENTER button next to their picture, it said that those Banthas had no door to enter them, so crew, vehicle commander/pilot or owner couldn`t enter them.

they are shown in owner vehicle list, on map they show who owns them below their name, they are at proper location, they do show ENTER button but when attempted to ENTER them it says that they don`t have door etc...

on map there are 6 Banthas for this purpose, 3 owned by one person, 3 by other one. out of 3 of mine, 2 have this bug issue and 1 is normal.
(3 owned by other person work fine.)

this is full text I get:
The Bantha II Cargo Skiff Starting point has no door where you may enter.

Edited By: Kopljanik Despotovic on Year 9 Day 226 6:09


Year 9 Day 226 6:22
You know, we have a bug-base for a reason.


Year 9 Day 226 15:58
not sure what you meant



Year 9 Day 226 16:00
Azrakh Raleep
Azrakh Raleep
I'm sorry he wasn't more explanatory. Under normal circumstances when everything is functioning on the server, we have a "bugbase" where bugs like yours can be reported. When the SWC is "back-in-action" Vip is suggesting you create a bug report so that your problem can be reviewed by an admin.