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Year 9 Day 226 13:49
i have an odd problem. where my interface would normally be displayed instead i have this message:

An Error type: mySQL Error with the Message: Access denied for user 'PHPScripts'@'main. has occured. It has been stored as Error 333165.
If this bug has not been reported (check first, please), report it to the bugtracker at http://bugs.swcombine

When I tried to log in to report it said my password was incorrect. i tried more than once, i am sure i have my password correct. so i came here to report this hope I am not reporting on something you are already aware of. at the moment though i cannot do anything. although if i click in the area around CP it does go there. thank you.

Asehi Bradshaw

Year 9 Day 226 14:05
Azrakh Raleep
Azrakh Raleep
Read sim news. Due to a HD crash on main, we are running on our replicated database on dev server while the server host repairs the HD. Because this server does not have the same capabilities as main, the admins turned off all actions except forums, DM, and Sim News.


Year 9 Day 226 20:38
thank you. i went and read that, did not realize it was related to the current problem. thanks for clearing that up.

Year 9 Day 226 21:05
Azrakh Raleep
Azrakh Raleep