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Archives » Bug: cannot move - easy solution?
Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek

Since the Server problem was resolved, I have been unable to move, being given a position error.

I have reported this bug as Bug 542 at http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=542

But here's the trick - I think that if an admin were to give my character a position, the problem would be solved. With the available tools I don't think this would take more than a few minutes.

The problem might be solved if an admin tried to move me into the cockpit of the FK-7 Airspeeder "Sell 1" (ID 119664) located at:
Sector: Brak
Galactic Position: Skone (22, 379)
Planet Position: Erecalinost (5, 12)
Atmosphere Position: (2, 10)

I've essentially been unable to play since Sunday (which, incidentally, was my birthday, how's that for irony), and knowing how busy the admins must be solving the problems that have appeared, I can see this stretching for a few days, which will make things very bad for me since I was working with quite a hurry.

Is there any chance a helpful admin could spare five minutes to set my position, and let me get my daily dose of Combine, or should I wait until the bug gets seen, reviewed, assigned, looked at and solved, with the considerably delay that might add?

I hope you appreciate the importance of it to me, and would appreciate a nice response. Thanks.

Assigned the bug to Tidus, which should send him an e-mail, which should prompt him to fix it (which I believe he has ASim tools to do fairly easily).

You might want to add a note to the bug linking it to this thread, for ease of reference.


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I added a bug note to detail the reason for the problem. Unfortunately this means that moving you into the entity will do no good until the entity itself is fixed as the problem is not with your position but with the entity itself. Do you want to be moved elsewhere so that you aren't stuck in the FK-7, or would you rather wait it out? There is no telling when this can be fixed, but I left Kyle a note, so hopefully it will not be long.



Neth Dharek
Neth Dharek
Hal and Syn, thanks for responding so quickly, I really appreciate your help.

Added a note with a ship I could be transferred to, as long as it allows me to move I'll be happy with it. Thanks again!

Fixed, closing this and leaving the bug report open so someone can fix the FK-7 itself.