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Year 9 Day 241 10:39
Cort Reynolds
Cort Reynolds
OK someone help me. I applied for the banner exchange, and link exchange, however I've gotten no response back yet, also I sent a few emails to support and gotten to so called reciepts in my mailbox that are just a banner for the combine but no reply as of yet (It's been like a week) my question is (since noone responds) I already have yim, and yahoo toolbar so can I still collect the rewards for them?

Year 9 Day 241 11:53
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
I Beleive you create your banner exchange account, then set up the banner link on your website and THEN click the "Report Joining Banner Exchange" once you've done that they check that your website is working with a banner as it should.

I may have this wrong though.

Year 9 Day 241 14:20
Cort Reynolds
Cort Reynolds
I did all that and still nothing, guess i'll wait a few weeks and see what happens

Year 9 Day 241 15:10
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
Copied frmo Sim News Page:

"Banner Exchange Backlog (Posted by Sorel Kaar on Year 9 Day 235)
Pending queue for Banner Exchange has been cleared. Rhyasan Kronos is still unavailable so you can contact me directly ( regarding any issues. I approved some and rejected a lot more. If you feel your request was unjustly rejected verify the following before you e-mail me with details (also ensure to include your login ID for Banner Exchange account to simplify the search):

- is your web page link working?
- is your banner link working?
- is your banner up to standards in size and format?"

I suggest you email him to check your application has been received and if not resubmit