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Year 9 Day 241 17:06
Xortyph LoKebo
Xortyph LoKebo
I have looked all through the "Rules' but cannot find the information I need regarding prospecting.

Will someone here direct me?


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Year 9 Day 241 17:24
There ya go.




Year 9 Day 245 13:13
Hello there,

I'm getting conflicting information as to how prospecting works:

When repeatedly scanning the same square, does the game re-roll the prospecting roll every time (i.e. every Rock square has a 8% chance of yielding a deposit multiplied by the skill and equipment modifier?

Or, is it that every square's contents are determined once, including squares which contain nothing. Repeated prospecting means that you can either succeed and find the "nothing" in an empty square, or fail and not find the deposit. You don't know which, but you can work it out if you wanted to ("How likely am I to have failed 5 times in a row?")


Cole Orion
KMC Acting Director, Maldrood Mining

Year 9 Day 245 13:39
It does not reroll anything. Whether or not there is a deposit on the square is already determined, and that does not change. If you prospect and you find nothing, it either means there is nothing or you simply did not find the existing deposit that time. Prospecting again may uncover it, but probability-wise it's less efficient than prospecting a new square, because there is the possibility that there is simply nothing to find.

So it is not the case, for example, that you could prospect a few thousand times to ensure that you find a deposit. Whether or not a deposit exists is determined exactly once.



Year 9 Day 245 18:55
Along those lines Syn, what about once a deposit is depleted. I know there is a chance that there could be another one there. When is that chance determined, and would bringing in a squad of ground hogs and an ace computer operator be worthwhile?


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Year 9 Day 246 1:10
Thank you Syn, that answers my question perfectly :)

I will hang around and listen to the answer to Orion McPhee's question, if I may :)


Cole Orion
KMC Acting Director, Maldrood Mining