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Archives » Custom scripting speechtrees
Year 9 Day 241 20:59
I've just been scripting speech trees for a fair number of NPCs. I've managed to script 8 without problems. However while scripting the next 2, after everything was in and ready to go, clicking the Add Script button caused the new page to have the bad address page. When I talk to the NPCs, the radio buttons are still there, but the text doesn't show. I then tried the same script on another NPC and it worked. However I missed out something so the text was out of sync near the end. I went back in and redid it, but I got the bad address page again, with the same results as before.

My question is: Is this a know problem? Is there a simple fix to return scripting to these NPCs?

I have tried overwriting the script with a much simpler version, but still doesn't work. I even tried the script box route (as opposed to the Speech Tree route) but none of it repairs it. I suppose I could buy more NPCs and script those, but I would rather not have to do that.


Year 9 Day 241 23:45
Ellias, I've seen some other threads about speech trees. Can you check if it's been bugbased, and add a note if it has (or create it, if it hasn't)? I'll then try to get someone to look into NPC speech and see if they can track down these little problems.

Make sure to include the NPC IDs of any you're having trouble with, please.


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Year 9 Day 242 6:44
Ah thanks. There was one for this - added a note and Veynom is looking at it.