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Year 9 Day 243 16:35
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
The rules state the ER rate is a planetary value,

Does this mean I can build a city with a couple of power genorators and 50 hotels and a 2nd city on the same planet filled with flats and the hotels will make money as the flats provide the people to fill the jobs in the other city? so the planet overall willhave a good ER rate regardless that the ER's for each city are on oppisite ends of the scale?

Year 9 Day 243 18:50
ER is based on each city - so to get the best income you would have to design each city to have an ER of as near as possible to 1.5. As for hotels there are a limit to how many you can have per city to get the best income. However if oyu have one city with a deficit of hotels, then you have have more in another city, as its based roughly on the limit, the number of terrain squares etc.


Year 9 Day 243 19:35
Actually, ER is by planet. So you could have a horrible ER city balanced out by another one.

Year 9 Day 243 19:51
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
2 contradicting answers hmmm........

Ellias - I understand that there's a hidden planetary value for the amount of a particular facility and that it will drop income if I build too many, it's just an example.

i'm just needing confirmation that 1 city with a very low ER will be balanced out by another city with a very high ER so if the low ER city has all my income facilities they will still make money.

Does anyone have an answer to this?

Edited By: Edward Teach on Year 9 Day 243 20:00
Year 9 Day 243 20:17
There is indeed one ER per planet, and all facilities on that planet influence it.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 9 Day 243 20:20
Edward Teach
Edward Teach
Thanks for confirming this for me Phryss

Year 9 Day 243 20:38
AH sorry - I was under the impression it was per city.