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Year 9 Day 245 8:33
I returned from the long trip in the hyperspace and noted that flying in the atmosphere takes x4-5 times more then before. So far, crossing about half quadrant in atmosphere takes 15 hours !!

I just wondering whether this change related to the new ground speed calculation or something going wrong with my piloting.


Year 9 Day 245 9:15
It's probably the new speed rules. The Sim News post says it is for 'ground speed', but if you look at the rules, it also applies to atmosphere travel. So, if you have a slow sublight speed ship, it's going to take a while to get anywhere in atmosphere now.

If you are trying to travel across a large planet in atmosphere in a slow ship, you are probably better off moving to orbit, and then back down to your destination. It will only take two hours maximum to get to any point in the atmosphere.

Edited By: Amp Thane on Year 9 Day 245 9:31

Light speed is too slow! We're going to have to go right to...Ludicrous speed.

Amp Thane, Captain, BFF-1 class freighter EQUUS
Year 9 Day 245 9:38
Thanks, Amp. I figured out already that traveling on planet through orbit is faster.

Just sounds not realistic that traveling between planets on sublight speed 20 takes 5 hours, but flying in atmosphere between cities on speed 200 takes 15 hours.

Year 9 Day 245 13:42
There is a discussion thread open in the Suggestions forum; this is not the place.