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Archives » I out of Luck?
Year 9 Day 245 18:39
Thanatos Stryker
Thanatos Stryker
I am a noob here. I was in the process of buying a ship from a member who today I see was banned for having multi-accounts I guess. am I out of luck on the credits I transfered to him for the ship?

Year 9 Day 245 18:49
Since one of each multi pair is being reported in the IC trading lounge (on the RPG Centre) as being scammers, chances are you were out of luck even if they weren't banned.

But yes, you are definitely out of luck, for the moment. Typically, one of each multi pair is allowed to return after a month with partial asset loss, so you may be able to take it up with them then.


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Year 9 Day 245 20:06
If your question is whether the admins will restore your assets to you, they won't. Scamming is a legitimate in-game action, regardless of whether the player breaks unrelated rules.