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Year 9 Day 246 2:07
i dont get how to do it i need to exchange to get a ship but i can undrstand the ID number i have to put in where are these numbers

Year 9 Day 246 2:24
Are you confusing the custom image exchange with the ship exchange?


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Year 9 Day 246 2:59
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
I believe you mean wanting to exchange your CPs for a ship.

In that case, the reason you do not see an option to do such is because you are not planetside. You have to be on a planet, outside of your ship or any other entity, in the open, in order to exchange your CPs for a ship.

In, however, the case that you do mean getting a custom image for your ship, in order to get the ID Number of your ship, the best way to do it is look at your ship inventory and hover your mouse over the checkbox that is left of the display of your ship.


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