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Year 6 Day 246 11:48
Trying to help the Combine become the best, most played, most recognized, most accurate Star Wars simulation/RPG out there... and to get CPs ;)

Here are some of the skills I possess and my skill with them on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best:

- Ship/Vehicle/etc. Descriptions *10* I know a lot of great sites that have good, interesting information, as well as pictures, on different vehicles, ships, and items throughout the Star Wars universe.

- (Probably shouldn't mention it since I'm not too sharp at it and since the Combine doesn't use it but oh well)
BASIC, Visual BASIC, and HTML programming *3-4* Understand loops, some of the basic BASIC as well as HTML encoding (not really familiar but I understand how it works and, if I bought a book on it, shouldn't take me too long to fully figure it out). If asked to try to work on something involving any of these I do have books (or can buy books as I am more than happy to learn as I'm given assignments) I can refer to but I wouldn't call programming my current strong point.

- Error finding *9* I can find bugs (typos, missing links/pictures, incorrect information, etc.) fairly easily as I am, fortunately or unfortunatley, on the computer a lot and browse through most, if not all of the Combine pages several times a day.

- Web design *8* I'm not sure what SWC uses as a web designing engine but they are all relatively the same. I've had a good amount of training on FrontPage as well as online web engines and so can accomplish tasks quickly.

These are all the immediate skills I can think of right now that can help the Combine's progress. I have more skills but just can't think of them right now, I'm sorry.

E-Mail: hapesconsortiumofficer@yahoo.com
ICQ: 259569086

Year 6 Day 246 13:30
Descriptions and error finding are things you can do without being on any team or any group. Just go out, do it, send it to the appropriate person, wait for it to be fixed (or not). If you're unsure what to send where, check the contacts page or use the Bug Base for errors.

Basic, as you say, isn't used. Some of the programming principles will no doubt carry over to php, but unless you're going to go out and brush up your php skills to a decent level, I wouldn't think this'll go anywhere.

Web design is mostly done in Notepad (or another text editor) with raw HTML in order to incorporate the php and not screw everything up with a whole bunch of needless code.

And lastly, if you think you have skills that can help the Combine, you have to track down the person in charge of the area and talk them into letting you help (often not too hard), rather than hoping they'll come to you. Most of them are busy enough doing the things they do that they don't have the time to babysit people who won't put the effort in to joining the team, because that's a minimal effort compared to doing work in the Combine.

I don't mean to be harsh - though I probably sound it - I'm just trying to give a little advice based on responses seen in the past.


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Year 6 Day 246 14:08
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles
for descriptions, contact keir@swcombine.com He usually handles such things.

As Hal mentioned, we don't use Basic, and very rarely do we use raw HTML for anything.


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Year 6 Day 246 15:13
With respect to Combine staff, I've been trying to contact them on a number of things, specifically ways Ive been trying to help, over the past week or two and received no response what so ever so I thought this forum post would be different, apparently not.

I apologize if I come across harsh as well but I never thought it would be this difficult to HELP the Combine.

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Year 6 Day 246 17:47
Can you list who you have been trying to contact?



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Year 6 Day 246 19:28
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Check this page out right here: http://www.swcombine.com/contacts/team.php

Find the area of your expertise and contact the right person. E-mail and or ICQ should be available there.

Make sure the subject clearly states your intentions and that your a member of the combine.


Year 6 Day 246 23:06

This is MM, something is wrong and I cant log in so I have to do it this way.

Ill try to contact the right people again, thanks.

Year 6 Day 247 9:03

That page is probably more helpful, contacts.php is horribly bloated.

Who have you tried contacting Manch?


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Year 6 Day 247 11:21
It was a while back, I had some ideas on somethings but I cant think of them now but what I was and am persistant on is descriptions to keir where I havent gotten a reponse after I sent in a lot of descriptions, like 7 at once and now I just did 3 or 4 I think.

Year 6 Day 247 11:33
Keir only replies to descriptions he accepts. He gets so many descriptions mails that he doesn't have the time to reply to every single one with why he didn't accept it.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 248 3:23
His reasoning is basically that he doesn't know exactly what he wants in a description, or he would simply write it himself, but rather reviews all submissions and approves those which sound particularly good.

You can be persistent if you like, and I'm sure that will be appreciated, but it really just depends on the individual description. I gave it a try at one point myself and less than half of my submissions were approved. (:

You're also welcome to participate in the Suggestions, Rules Suggestions, and Race Suggestions forums to provide feedback as you see fit, and make suggestions of your own to continue to improve the Combine.