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Year 9 Day 253 9:15

ok i tried to register i waited 15 HRs and i had no response so i tried to register again and then 2 days later i get a MSG saying that i already have an ACC. and that im violating the rules of the game... so WTF... are you guys going to let me try this game or what..????? can you please activate my ACC.

if you wont let me play this game then can you give me the name of a star wars game that wants me to play???

Year 9 Day 253 9:49
There is a sticky in the center that gives instructions on what to do when you do not receive the information needed to play the game. Have you read it?

If not it is located at and provides concise information on how to rectify the situation.


Year 9 Day 253 11:28
Be precise about the message you received. Did it say you sent multiple requests, or did it say that you already had an account?

If it was the first one, then you should be able to submit a new application, and this time you need to WAIT for it to be accepted or declined.

If it was the second one, then your first application was accepted, and something is preventing you from getting the mail. If the thread Joni posted does not help you, then you'll need to supply the Handle you signed up with, and the e-mail that you wanted, and we can check that you didn't enter the e-mail incorrectly.


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Year 9 Day 253 22:39
As everyone has pointed out, read the post.
Now for the second question, no, this is the only "true" SW MMPOLRPG game out there. Besides that sad atemp from (that text RPG site)..which is a joke.


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Year 9 Day 254 2:44
A belated good day to you, sir. When posting in help forums--any help forums, anywhere on the internet--please remember to fully describe your problem and provide all of the necessary information you can possibly think of. Too much information is better than too little--at least in this context!

This means pasting the exact message you received. Including the handles you have tried can also be helpful. Providing the handle you currently have pending that you are requesting activation for is most certainly something of a necessity. I appreciate your desire for account activation, but I am not sure how you expect us to identify you on the list of join requests when all we can derive is that you have submitted one. That is not an identifying factor!

As you can see, there is no way we can help you with what little information you have provided. Help us help you! There is nothing more frustrating than yet another impatient and vague "help my account got declined approve me plz" post.

Google should be able to help you with your final question. Unfortunately we are not wise in the ways of the desires that online games may or may not have, and are unable to provide support for them.