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Year 6 Day 247 1:41
Cruge Solo
Cruge Solo
I was having issues logging on. Finally got logged in and was in planet position 3,9. Should have been in 4,2

Year 6 Day 247 2:12
Dexter Calo
Dexter Calo
I have the same issues

Im on a shuttle and travelling in hyperspace though i finished this travle some days ago.

I think this is the reason (from the SIM news)
"We've had to restore a backup of the locations table from the 31st due a bad query. Any problems, bug base them please."

To admins: So it is normal that I'm in a position I was some days ago?
Has everyone the same issue?

Edited By: Dexter Calo on Year 6 Day 247 2:15
Year 6 Day 247 2:16
Laston Hall
Laston Hall
Yes boys, all is how it shouldn't be. You can stop worrying now.

Year 6 Day 247 4:41
It's the same for everyone and i can't imagine anything will be done to change it now. Since the admins would have to manually move everyone to where they were previously and that would just take too much time.

Year 6 Day 247 8:48
yup, see sim news.


Kids these days!