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Year 9 Day 267 7:44
Jim Stratus
Jim Stratus
I have been gone for the past two years on a mission for my church, away from all forms of Internet access for those two years. I came back and to m surprise my character was dead. I think this is very unfair. All my assets, my skills, everything I'ved worked towards since 2000 when I first joined the combine is now gone. I think that is very unfair. I would like my assets restored and my character brought back.

Year 9 Day 267 9:18
Cesodevo Avina
Cesodevo Avina
Why do you think this is unfair? Do not blame the admins for your death. Blame your killer, or its faction, for your death. If you valued your character so much to not let him die, then you should have placed your character in a position in which you wouldn't have died. The only place for this to happen is in a locked down entity that belongs to you.


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Year 9 Day 267 9:35
Lamy Homo
Lamy Homo
Ceso is pretty much spot on. Sorry Jim.


Lamy Homo
Year 9 Day 267 9:54
Look at the bright side, since you died such a long time ago you don't have to wait to respawn!


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Year 9 Day 267 20:31
I understand your concerns but I know of no admin that would even consider reviving your character. If you had truly been a part of SWC since 2000, you should have been aware of the risks involved of leaving your character untouched for two years.

Goodl luck on character two....


Raphael Javiae Kiltron III
Year 9 Day 267 20:39
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
This is common in the Imperial factions and is something that should be told more to the player base. They have a propensity to kill their people who become inactive. I think it's just griefing myself, but the administration allows it.

Congratulations on completing your mission, you probably gained far more from that than you would have by staying here and playing for 2 years.


Year 9 Day 267 20:48
Yeah, we should definitely add a disclaimer: "Warning, the Imperials are evil. They're the bad guys!"

*rolls his eyes*


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Year 9 Day 269 5:47
Not to say that an admiral should know better than the average cadet.


Year 9 Day 269 7:01
Katya Kova
Katya Kova
He might of left when A/e still wasn't implemented, or maybe he left when Yoshi Hikaru killed all those imperials, there have been many after Yoshi who have also killed with the a/e feature members of the new imperial order.

I agree that at least you won't have to wait for a re-spawn time, but just laugh it up a bit and enjoy SWC you get a fresh start.

Year 9 Day 269 12:13
Stratus was NIO. It's in his sig.

I don't know where he was, but it's even feasible that they executed him solely for his assets. If I remember, they were trying to do the same to Mike Townsend.

Stratus, I'm sorry. However they haven't resurrected people from legit a/e attempts (that I've been made aware of anyway) since the Empire offed most of the Core/DE high command years ago.


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Year 9 Day 269 14:03
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