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Year 9 Day 278 14:15
Is there a guide on how to mine like what is needed and and to do it.

Year 9 Day 278 17:40
The rules page is the best place to go to for mining processes.


I dare you to make less sense.

Are you a newbie, or do you have access to newbies?
Year 9 Day 285 16:51
Selene Tal-Kyrte
Selene Tal-Kyrte
And speak to people with practical working experience from mining factions. Having the actual process, needs and warnings explained personally helps a lot.

Year 9 Day 288 17:16
Marcus Lank
Marcus Lank
I would have to define mining Process as this. Prospection, Extraction, and Collection.

Year 10 Day 90 15:12
Prospectin, Extracting and Collecting.
Could you please text me about it, i have just been assigned to a job with my task to prospect for raw materials, could you please help me?


Year 10 Day 90 16:39
If you have been assigned a job, sure your employer or your faction is able to help you...

But just in case...

To prospect you need to have at least one Groundhog assigned to you (max 12)... Enter the vehicle place yourself on a ground the position in the planet you need to prospect. Enter the Cockpit and then click «Actions» then you'll see an option which says «Prospect»... Wait to see if you found something...