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Archives » Can't enter the ship I have to
Year 6 Day 250 12:10
Yaruna Jarutal
Yaruna Jarutal
I don't know if there is a bug on this page but I can't enter the ship I have waiting for over 'Travel'.

Can somebody tell me what's wrong?

Thanks, Yaruna

Year 6 Day 250 13:16
Jaze Krackern
Jaze Krackern
If you check your Scanner in the City mode, you should see your ship highlighted in Green.

Go to the position and click the Enter link.

Your ship should be one of the options.

Enter the ship, then enter the cockpit.

I find refreshing your browser helps as you seem to re-load a previos page rather than refresh automatically.

Still new to the game, hope this is correct and helps.


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Year 6 Day 251 0:47
If it is a ship from a friend/faction that is there to pick you up (rather than one owned by you or assigned to you), talk to the pilot (or your faction) to make sure you are on the crewlist. You also need to make sure you are in the exact same square as the ship. Once both of those are the case, you should have an "Enter" button on the travel screen that will give the ship as one of the options.


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Year 6 Day 252 3:38
Sorted out on our forum...

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