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Year 6 Day 251 13:54
Section 1, first line, second sentence. f in faction is not capitalized and should be for the beginning of a sentence.

'Main Features' section, inconsistency in end punctuations, some sentences have periods, some don't

Everything below 'Main Features' section, not sure if it is supposed to be like that but almost no text is capitalized

'Character Skills' section, second sentence, '...task. eg. The higher...' Not sure on the rules for abbreviations such as eg. and etc. but it doesn't look right, though it could be right. Maybe it should be capitalized or something.

'Character Skills' section, second paragraph, 'your character reaches new Experience Level', should have an 's' after level, so 'Experience Levels'.

'Character Skills' section, General sub-section, Heavy Projectile Weapons, reads 'E-Web etc', should read 'E-Web etc.' with period at the end.

'Factions' section, second sentence, towards the end, should be '...companies, etc.'

'Factions' section, second line, should read '...datacards, etc. and have...'

'Renaming a faction' section, faction should be capitalized as it is a title.

I apologize if some of these are too insignificant for anyone to care about, I was kinda bored today and felt like skimming over some of the rules for some CP opportunities ;)

Ill continue to post more discoveries in here as they come


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Year 6 Day 252 0:58
And you learn to know the rules inside-out while you're at it! :D


Year 6 Day 252 1:02
Come on CPs, magically appear in my account... come on, dont be afraid..... my precious

Year 6 Day 252 4:13
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
And we thought you did this off of good will.... J/K


Year 6 Day 252 5:21
Seeing as how I haven't been contacted for receiving CPs, its starting to turn out that way :...(

Ill continue to be a good hearted, loving and caring angel 0:) ..... after I receive CPs from those above errors ;)

Edited By: Manchaita Manchatcha on Year 6 Day 252 5:29
Year 6 Day 252 5:35
Hope Khan looks at these soon...

10. When attempting to create a faction and when you choose what type of a faction you wish to be, the available ships, building types, and vehicles for that type of faction are replaced with object

Year 6 Day 252 6:23
Cam Antilles
Cam Antilles


\"Somewhere, there\'s a bullet with your name on it. The trick is to die of age before it finds you\"
Year 6 Day 252 10:59
Toggy deals with these, not me :)

I *think* he can award CPs, if not get him to prod me.


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 252 12:20
Ok, i've fixed typos 1-5 and 7-9. Can't fix 6 since it's stored in the database as a skill description (for Heavy Projectile Weapons skill).
Could you also tell me on which page the 10th error is, so i can fix that too?
Already awarded you a few CPs.


Year 6 Day 252 13:26
10th, maybe its just my browser, but when I pick a faction type, instead of vehicle/ship names, it says object, the number of 'objects" depending on how many vehicles/ships that particular faction type gets. Its just on the create a faction page (cant view it because Im in a faction...)

Year 6 Day 252 13:34
'Health' section, subtitle 'Stats Points', '...Unarmed Combat and Dodge level', should have a comma before and, as there are more than two items in the series (or three, whatever, its a lot of items)

'Health' section, subtitle 'Extra Points', 'Received one single time', repeated meaning. Should read 'Received one time'.

'Health' section, sentence after the points list, '...nearest whole number Character Creation Guide.'. Ending doesn't make sense. Recommend '...whole number (view the Character Creation Guide).'

'Introduction' section, first line, '...weapons, items and raw materials...'. Should be a comma before 'and' as there are many items in that series.

15. 'You are not allowed to trade for CPs While in Travel.
You are not allowed to exchange for CPs unless you are standing on the surface of a planet (not in anything) (you are allowed credits)'. That error comes up after I traded CP's for credits. Recommending it is removed since it is stated that CP-credit exchanges can be done anytime, anywhere and you wouldn't be able to see this anyways anywhere because you can't even try to trade for vehicles/ships while traveling.

Perfecting the Combine, one error at a time.

EDIT: I've noticed this all throughout the Combine and I'll mention it even though it may not be considered significant. In abbreviations, you always put 's after the abbreviation, not just an s. For example, I own a few Star Destroyers. If I were to use the abbreviation SD, it should be written as I own a few SD's, not SDs (it will be a pain in the ass but if you want me to follow up on this last point and pick them all out, I will)

Edited By: Manchaita Manchatcha on Year 6 Day 253 1:42
Year 6 Day 252 15:46
Keibak Aruu
Keibak Aruu
Perfecting the Combine, one error at a time. 

That should be the new slogan for the rules main page!


Year 6 Day 253 0:21
Let me know when you fix that last set, every time I post several in a post Ill wait until those are reported as fixed and then I will move on perfecting the Combine, one error at a time

Edited By: Manchaita Manchatcha on Year 6 Day 253 0:21
Year 6 Day 253 2:02
fixed 6


Kids these days!
Year 6 Day 253 6:12
Waiting for 11 through 15...

Year 6 Day 253 14:20
Tojan, please let me know about 11 through 15 before I continue...

Year 6 Day 254 7:00
Hmm, i'll fix those errors now, but i still need a URL for #10. Could you please send them to in the future? I usually get them earlier there.


Year 6 Day 254 7:16
#11: hmm, to my knowledge, the comma before "and" is only used in the US-english grammar, so i'll neglect it for now.

#12: done

#13: done

#14: see #11

#15: I also need a URL for this one

as for your Edit: Do you mean we should use SD's instead of SDs or vice versa?


Year 6 Day 254 12:35
For 11 and 14, my Elementary teachers taught the comma before and. In High School, they said it didn't really matter. Consider it optional =P

Why would it be SD's instead of SDs? It's not plural.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 6 Day 254 13:38
Ok, first of all I will send the bugs via e-mail from now on.

Second of all, I'm just saying that in true grammar (maybe it is just an English thing) to write the plural of abbreviations, you put a 's and not just an s. Meaning a 's means both possessive and plural. Like I said, it really doesn't matter (plus it would be a pain to find every single one) seeing as how it's already done everywhere and ignored.

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