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Year 9 Day 289 9:33
ok this is the thing my brother lives i california and is moving up to new york into my house tillhe can get his own place and he is interested in playing now i was told something like thats not good cuz they will bann us both cuz its the same ip i guess now i really like this game and i think he will to so what should i do

Year 9 Day 289 9:42
You will both simply need to register as multis of each other, when he signs up there is a place for him to put your handle as his multi. Just follow the multi account rules and you'll be fine.

Year 9 Day 289 9:47
where r the multi rules so i can read them myself

Year 9 Day 289 9:55
you can find the basics here I hope it helps.

Being a multi isn't to bad, I am one.


Year 9 Day 289 10:31
it says in the rules using the same computer what is he is using a different computer

Year 9 Day 289 13:00
If you will be using the same internet connection, you need to register as multis. Usually being in the same house will lead to this.


I dare you to make less sense.

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Year 9 Day 289 17:47
Phryss, would that be true if it was a wireless connection?

Year 9 Day 289 17:48
If you share the same IP, you need to register as multis. So if you're on a local wireless network, yes you probably still need to register (unless you're paying your internet service provider for a second IP), but you should know yourself whether or not you and the other player share an IP address.

Year 9 Day 289 18:53
Well, this is somewhat hypothetical but say you accessed mostly from an internet cafe or another public place. You and three other people all use the same connection when in that cafe but you don't know each other. What would be the out come of that situation?

Year 9 Day 289 19:08
Thats come up before, and its extremelt unlikely. IN any case, they may have separate IPs anyway. Use an online IP checker to see if your two computers have the same IP Himaru.


Year 9 Day 289 22:15
This is actually not difficult.. If you know of another user sharing your connection, e-mail multi-accounts with the handles so you can register as multis. If you do not know of another user sharing your connection.. obviously there is nothing you can e-mail them, so that's that. There are only 4,000 players here across the globe, and the world population is currently closing in on 7,000,000,000 -- so obviously the odds are slim at best that someone will just happen to be a member and log on from your connection without your knowledge.

Yes, we can tell the difference between public IPs and proxies, as opposed to private IPs, and no, people do not normally get mistakenly banned. If you do, simply mail multi-accounts to explain your situation and it will be resolved. It is very easy to confirm your story.

Year 9 Day 290 7:50
i thank you all for your help now when my brother gets here if we are on at the same time will that cause a conflict

Year 9 Day 290 13:58
No; if you are sharing a connection, all you need to do is register follow the outlined multi rules.


I dare you to make less sense.

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