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Year 6 Day 253 6:13
Not sure if I need it yet or not but can an Admin move me from a ship? I have duties I have to attend to and I can't do them because I have an inactive pilot piloting my ship and we aren't moving anywhere.

Year 6 Day 253 6:40
The owner of the ship can make you the pilot/commander instead of him...



Uber Fishyness
Year 6 Day 253 6:45
I believe the whole point of my above post was to show that the pilot is 'inactive'... meaning he can't.

Year 6 Day 253 7:36
Davsk Carvalm
Davsk Carvalm
If there are IC ways for you to solve your problems, the admins won’t help you.
Is it a Hapan ship? If so, try contacting someone who will assign you as pilot.
If you know the ship’s name and the system it is supposed to be on, you could contact someone to go pick you up.
If the pilot is not the owner, you can contact the owner and he will make you pilot (this is what Miko was trying to say, btw).

Year 6 Day 253 7:44
Or I'll go over him and to his superior...

Ok, I guess that's the best explanation I can get. Thanks.