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Year 9 Day 302 10:40
Cyphor Axis
Cyphor Axis
Ok I hired a company to recycle one of my old HQs. Now the card doesnt show up in their DCs nor mine. Shouldnt the DC show up? Or do I have to get my members back up to 20 again to get my 2nd HQ again? If that is the case I wouldn't have recycled it and kept it as assets. I think they need to update the rules a bit. And for the people that has done that should be returned their HQ dc if having the same trouble.


Year 9 Day 302 10:44
It would be very helpful if the whole HQ DC deal could be explained. OI had recycled a secondary HQ a while ago, had member counts over 20 members but the HQ DC never showed up. Do we need to have a new HQ-capable facility built which would be automatically switched to a HQ, or how does this work?

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Year 9 Day 304 0:35
Once a factions HQ has been recycled, whoever by, it should recieve a new datacard within 24 (or 48, I forget) hours due to when the server checks that information and updates it. This has never been very reliable however, not sure if its a bug or older factions HQ counts being messed up from before those rules, due to having older HQ's or buying some from the market.

Normally Khan resets the factions HQ count manually and it works from then on, so it's likely someone will need to do that for you.

Not sure how it works if you no longer have the members to support another HQ, I'd assume you still wouldn't get a datacard and that should indeed be the case. If an admin can confirm that is so you know where the rules update forum is.


Year 9 Day 307 18:18
Yeah I would've thought the rules were pretty clear, from the faction creation page of rules:

"If the faction's active membership drops below a multiple of 20, and they already have a headquarters, then the headquarters facility will not be destroyed. "

It might take a bit of an asumption but if you decide to destry a HQ by recycling it, then it's pretty obvious to me that if you don't have the number of members for it you won't get a DC.


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Year 9 Day 307 18:52
The problem is, where is the card when you do reach the required numbers.