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Year 9 Day 304 14:21

I mean, before I join. Is this a game, where I can see my character moving around and fighting ect, or is this an RP Post site where I post an RP. Basically, when I make my character, will this game be anything like Shaiya, 12 Sky, RuneScape, ect? Will I see and move my character accordingly?? Can I look on screen and see my avatar draw a light saber and fight manuelly with another player or npc?

Year 9 Day 304 15:36
This is a browser game. There is no downloadable client, so you do not control your character in real-time like you would in KOTOR or something like that, but the roleplaying component is optional. In gameplay, you use buttons and click on maps or enter coordinates to select your destination, and that sort of thing.

Combat is not yet implemented, so if that is your only interest here, you may want to give it some thought, as at the moment players are primarily occupying themselves with features like construction, production, mining, and managing factions.

Year 9 Day 314 15:20
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
Also, actions (examples of actions in Syn's post) take time to complete. It is called delayed real time, if I recall correctly. Traveling can take from 1 hour to several days, a week in some cases, to complete.

Year 9 Day 314 22:04
You might want to check the date of the last post before responding; most anonymous guests don't come back ten days later to check on old threads. :P

Year 9 Day 315 11:05
Zeek R`oadi
Zeek R`oadi
Other people wondering the same thing could have read it before they posted a new thread about it. :P It is possible, though not probable, that it prevented a duplicate thread from another person.