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Archives » Posting trading offers when arrested ?
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
Just wanted to ask, is such action is allowed ?

In Classified section, Ships for sale, Alaric Baldmann is still posting trading offers - so far as i know, he's arrested and life sentenced by Commerce Guild, for being known scammer.

There is list of darkness actions you can't perform , when arrested, but still, you are allowed to post offers and scam ppl even when in jail ?

I know you can send credits to arrested person, same with DMs, i believe, but willingly scamming other ppl when arrested, shouldn't be bannable action, and isn't violation of the Golden Rule ?

Just wanted to point the problem and ask admins about opinion in this matter.

Edit: typos.

Edited By: Mika Noris on Year 9 Day 318 13:24
You would need to make a suggestion in the suggestions forum to have dead characters auto-banned from the Classifieds. It's not really something that can be handled manually each time someone dies.

Mika Noris
Mika Noris
Will do. Thank You Syn.
I'm just finding annoying, when someone is acting like that - being arrested (not dead) and using classifieds, IRC, and other methods to attempt scams.

Yes he is under arrest still and I had been under the assumption that posting for trades was not allowed while in that state.However the problem can be rectified easily if a dead character is not allowed to post for sales.

Edited By: Glaeken Trismegestus on Year 9 Day 318 23:14

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I never visit the classifieds, so are you sure this is a NEW posting, and not one from before he was arrested?


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Mika Noris
Mika Noris
It's from day 316 - i suppose he was still under arrest at this time.

Edit: Just checked - Offer is removed, but was there yesterday, when i was starting this topic.

Edited By: Mika Noris on Year 9 Day 318 23:20