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Year 9 Day 319 22:46
I was wondering if there were any SWC applications, or perhaps non-SWC sites, that kept data on how much ships, vehicles, items, npcs, etc get sold for on average.

I ask because I joined SWC in Year 1 but I've just recently started playing again after being away for 3-4 years and I've got loads of ships and vehicles that I don't need. However, I'm finding it difficult to see any sort of numbers as to how much things cost and go for now. I know that the rules pages just show materials cost, so I can't really go by that, and I've been scanning through the commerce and auction forums but there isn't enough stuff there to judge on.

So if anyone knows of or keeps a list of this sort of stuff, it would be greatly appreciated.


Year 9 Day 319 23:19
The Centerpoint Station faction has a database on all trades performed on their market, plus I believe they added an option for non CPM trades to be put on there as well. That is probably your best resource, or would be if the site wasn't unavailable due to OOC reasons. Other than that, try either looking at the other markets, or ask around in IRC, or have a look at what others are selling for in the Commerce forum.


Year 9 Day 319 23:19
Mika Noris
Mika Noris
The best place would be Centrepoint Market and their database.
They keep records for highest, average, and last price of any entity.
It's also good place if you plan to sell your equipment.
The only problem is, their site is actualy down, due to some problems ( you can check traders form for more details.)
Thread : http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=29489&page=0

And CPM: http://market.centrepointstation.com/index.php

Other way is just to ask any traders on IRC, or Traders Lounge forum.


Year 9 Day 323 21:55
Curious, are all the Unique/Not Available for Production ships owned as Faction ships, such as the Pulsar Battle Cruiser and the Darkstar Battleship?

Year 9 Day 323 22:33
I'm not sure about the Darkstar Battle ship, but the Pulsar Battle Cruiser is a Hapan ship. I'm pretty sure that none of those will ever be available for sale to the public.

Year 9 Day 323 22:36
Yeah, and the Darkstar Battleship belong to one of the Mercenary factions. I was just wondering if the same goes for all the unique/NAFP ships.

Year 9 Day 323 22:55
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
This isn't a question to be asked here, go ask in the RPG centre or something.


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Year 9 Day 323 23:12
Sure, fine, no problem, even though This is the Only forum with a General Questions category. I just don't understand why I can't get a yes or no, instead of never-ending chastisement.

Year 9 Day 323 23:33
Darkstar Battleship = Black Sun
Pulsar Battle Cruiser = Hapes Consortium
SB-1 = Teniel Djo (or maybe Eidola now?)
Tetan Attack Ship = Teniel Djo (same as above)
Mon Calamari Home One Cruiser = New Republic
Scurrg H-6 Bomber = Tycho (or Tenloss Syndicate)
Infiltrator Star Courier = Simms


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Year 9 Day 350 11:59
Markus Furian
Markus Furian
Also I might ask on #swc-traders, there are alot of people there trading and might be kind enought too help you out.


Year 9 Day 350 13:10
Check posting dates. This thread was started a month ago, with no activity in 27 days. Chances are that even if none of the answers were satisfactory, the topic starter doesn't even care anymore.


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