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Archives » Shield Generator VS. Shield Projectors
I can't find anything in the rules about this, what is the difference between a shield
generator and a shield projector? Does it have anything to do with shield size or strength?

As far as I know, a Generator is a facility - something like the one on Hoth. It has to be stationary, a Projector can be hand held or at least portable I think, although I am not sure about that.


Creatures I\'ve seen: Rancors.

Kai Xaviar
Kai Xaviar
The description for the facilities are here:





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Projector projects the shield, I.E. the one on Endor that shielded the Death Star

Shield Generator generates a shield, I.E. something similar to what the Gungans used.



Azhrarn Amaratha
Azhrarn Amaratha
A better example of the shield generator would be the shield that protected the rebel base on hoth. (regional shield)

In essence the generator is there to protect cities on a planet from bombardment or intrusion. The projector is indeed like said the shield that protected the death star, its function is to protect a space station in obit or perhaps close to orbit?

But right now only shield generators are already working in the game.


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The shield generators protect a chunk of the ground, while a shield projector protects something in orbit.


Am I getting CPs for this?

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Hmm... So for I don't have a definitive answer, is there an admin who not only knows, but knows what the difference is?

All the answers you were given (except Retto's) were the same and were correct. A generator protects an area on the ground (and is implemented) and a projector "projects" a shield to boost the shield power of a space station (or perhaps a ship) in orbit (and is not currently implemented).

Thanks y'all!