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Year 9 Day 322 19:10
Mico Reedsnoft
Mico Reedsnoft

I am a new member of this site and i and proud to be. There is a species that i really like and they are the "Ongree" and i noticed that you don't have it in the species section to chose from, I love the species of "Ongree" and i really think it should be a species for players to be. If you don't know of the "Ongree" then just look it up on Wookiepedia, and on top of that we will need to add a new planet named Skustell.

Thank you for your time to read this message.

Year 9 Day 322 19:56
Certain species are not added either because they are not feasible for the Combine, not enough information or pictures are available, or simply not enough people would want to play them.

We had a place to suggest new races but it was recently closed because we will not be accepting any new requests for a while. Though, if you'd really like to see them added I'm sure it would be worthwhile for you to gather as much information as possible, write up descriptions, think up possible skills, and when the time came that we were to accept new races again you would be ready with your request.

Year 9 Day 322 21:21
Mico Reedsnoft
Mico Reedsnoft
Well, there is some closeup pictures of the Ongree's.... you have seen the clone wars (Original movie) right? And you have seen Pablo Jill right? but i am just saying that if you have that species up there i will be one of them, But i saw a species in the races and there was one with only two members. Then i would have a problem with trying to kill myself...

Year 9 Day 322 22:59
This is not a suggestions forum.



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