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Year 9 Day 323 5:08
Alright it is just me or others annoyed too? There is that banner Fiesta which plays a weird jungle sound effect every time. Is there any chance to remove it or disable the sound on that?



Year 9 Day 323 8:28
I haven't seen it, yet, but may I suggest you turn your speakers off?


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Year 9 Day 323 8:46
I have the same with some racing game, it keeps making motor noises and is very irritating after x10 times ...

And I don't want to mute since I'd like to listen to music etc.


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Year 9 Day 323 8:52
If you use FireFox (if you don't, do), download the AdBlock Plus! extension, then adblock the banners.

Year 9 Day 324 7:54
Okay, that explains the random jungle noise that came on my PC last night. I agree, it's annoying and "turning off my speakers" isn't an acceptable solution.


Year 9 Day 324 9:12
I always heard it when I was on the fora and figured it was somebody's sig that was disrupting my music.

It is indeed annoying

Year 9 Day 324 10:14
I don't understand why some idiot would put sound in a banner like that. It makes people not want to click them.

Year 9 Day 324 10:59
Jace Wolfe
Jace Wolfe
attention grabber, you hear the sound and look for it - basic human impulse

Year 9 Day 324 10:59
But then when you see it you think it's stoopid and not click on it.