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Year 9 Day 325 10:03
Me and a few people from my faction did a pod race yesterday, the problem was it was in a city (with a 200 km/h speed limit). All the racers finished in 42 minutes, although
we could see who won (me!) we couldn't get the exact time.

This isn't normally a problem, except that we had a second group of people race at a different time because we couldn't find a time when we could all race. We were planning on the winner being the person with the overall fastest time among the two groups. But all the racers finished in 42 minutes, and we can't tell if the winner of the second group was faster than the winner of the first group or vice-versa.

Is it possible the admins can look in a database or something and see the times of events (room events, for example) down to the second? As opposed to only knowing the minutes they happened? If so, please DM me and I'll give more details.

Year 9 Day 325 10:18
I was in that ship (finish point) for that race, second group actually had one person finishing 1 minute before rest (41minute), and one with 43minutes even tho she came at same time as one with 1st one (but could not send message due some issue), but there are so many other ppl with same time (42 minutes). as it is now, it shows to me (still on that ship) HH:MM time in room events log and prizes are great ones, if by any chance there is possibility to see time as HH:MM:SS that would be awesome.

typed messages sent inside room were markers.

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Year 9 Day 326 7:51
you should race across planets, ... then you wouldn't have to worry about seconds any more.



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Year 9 Day 326 9:16
still, is there possibility to know/see HH:MM:SS in this case?



Year 9 Day 326 11:46
Yeah, we're not asking about a race that's about to happen, it's already happened and we need to know if it's possible to see the events down to the second.

Year 9 Day 326 11:50
Not room events. If you are going to plan out IC events, please find a way to do so without needing to acquire additional information from the assistants, who already have more to do than they can handle in a timely manner.