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Archives » Cannot store anything in production cargo containers?
I tried to store some items in a cargo container but it gave me an error message:

"Cannot store anything in production cargo containers."
I know these had items that were produced at a factory, but it makes no sense
why I can't store stuff in them. They're not full so it's not like there's no room.
Why isn't it possible?

Production cargo containers are one-shot deals. They cannot be re-used and will disappear when emptied.

I know that. But why is this so?

You would think that you could keep and reuse the cargo containers. After all if you paid for it when you bought the items.

However looking at this from a programmer/database point of view, the database would be overloaded if it had to keep track of every single cargo container ever produced, hence they disappear after emptied.

Take all the cargo containers ever and I'm sure it adds up to way less
than the total number of items in the game currently. Database issues obviously isn't
the problem.

Kevin Goodman
Kevin Goodman
You're not actually buying the containers, you just get them as a useful way to pick up your items. They're meant to be temporary.


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Be glad you get them in the first place. Otherwise you'd have to carry all zillion items by hand. >.> The reason they can't be reused is because people would use them as storage instead of lockers and the other storage items and since everyone would have them, It'd be kinda stupid to buy lockers. Thus why you can't reuse em.


However, lockers could be locked and permanently mounted whereas a crate cannot. That would just make it easier for someone to steal all your goodies.

Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
Think of the Cargo Containers as the packaging you get your product it. If you buy a candy bar, you don't keep the wrapper when you're done.



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Alright, I understand now. Thanks guys.