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Year 9 Day 329 17:34

i cant log in and i cant install firefox as it is not my computer plz help! :)
handle Hoss Banne

Year 9 Day 329 18:55
Have you tried everything in this sticky?

Year 9 Day 329 19:14

everything except the firefox thing;i cant do that cause its not my computer.i was able to log-in yesterday using IE.today i would not work so i figured i should change password,did that it still dont work.made sure cookies are allowed.i dont know what to do.this is terrible i am a very active member.plz help

Year 9 Day 330 1:04
Unfortunately the sticky thread provides all the options available. Often IE will stop functioning properly and there is no solution for this, which is why we recommend a browser that does not experience those issues. I wish I could help you, but there literally is no other solution. We've had developers look into it extensively.



Can't see this sig or sometimes other images? Chrome now default blocks mixed content on secure sites like SWC.
Go to chrome://settings/content/insecureContent and add www.swcombine.com to the Allow list.
If you want. I'm not your dad or whatever.
Year 9 Day 330 11:42

ok i installed firefox today.but cant change password again as it has not been 24 hours yet.i tried using the password i got last night while on IE today on firefox.i still cant log-in.what else can i do.

Year 9 Day 330 20:37
Hoss Banne
Hoss Banne
never mind,i got firefox then changed my password.i got the problem cleared up.
thank you anyways. :)