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Year 9 Day 330 9:02
Just wondering, are any of the upcoming CP ships actually ingame at the moment? My reason for asking is because of this:

Docked In Ship: Namana-class Light Cruiser Gourmandises (ID: 141966)

I'm not sure if our ship being docked there is a bug, but just want to check see if that should be right?


Year 9 Day 330 9:21
No, they only become available by CPs on December 3rd.
Than all the other current CP ships will become rare until R&D
is released and they are researched.

Year 9 Day 330 10:26
It's possible that the ship you're seeing there is admin-owned and was morphed into one of the new ships for testing purposes.


Year 9 Day 330 11:05
Any idea when we'll get a peak at the CP costs for the new ships? Or am I missing a page that shows?


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Year 9 Day 330 11:36
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
CP costs are nearly always RM cost/10.

Year 9 Day 330 11:54
Any idea when we'll get a peak at the CP costs for the new ships? Or am I missing a page that shows?  

I'm hoping we'll find out before the changeover.


Year 9 Day 330 16:46
Ka`rla is correct, CP costs are standardized at (usually a round number near) RMP/10.

Year 9 Day 330 20:37
Ah thanks Togan. Thought it might have been some admin test ship. And Philip I know they come out on 3rd Dec. If you looked closely you would have noticed that our ship is actually docked inside one of the new ships - ie its already in the game.


Year 9 Day 331 17:54
I'd like to ask a question while in this topic. Why the Namara cruiser has only 1 sensors? Every other cap ship (with exception of YV666 which is a freighter that doesnt make sense for quite a long time) has 8 or more.

Who'd equip a battle ship with fighter bay with such weak sensors? It's kinda weird


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Year 9 Day 331 21:57
The two simplest answers are either
A) This is a typo and it's supposed to be some other number
B) This is on purpose to encourage people to use those long probes and sleuths they have been hording for something other than trade bait.


Year 9 Day 332 7:54
Magnus Kalidor
Magnus Kalidor
I hope its a typo.

Essentially a capital ship with (1) sensor would theoretically render its compliment of Turbo Lasers useless except at point blank range.

Year 9 Day 332 9:29
That is the proposed stat for it, so it is not a typo. Closing this since this is not the suggestions forum.