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Year 9 Day 333 9:09
Ferse Zoso
Ferse Zoso
I have been stuck inside a ship for some time now ( we are talking months .) I had some probs with internet and could not get on etc.So they faction i was with took me of their rosters and locked me out from the cockpit(fair enough).My net is now working again and I really want to get back into the game ....NO contact can be made to my previous emplyers ...and I have tried on many occasion ...arghh! :)
any help is a bonus

Year 9 Day 333 15:32
On your Position screen you will see a button that will allow you to contact the owner of the ship directly for help.

Year 9 Day 334 6:07
Ferse Zoso
Ferse Zoso
yup I have thought of that dude :) no reply

Year 9 Day 334 21:49
Puritas Paragon
Puritas Paragon
Yeah... dude.
Unless they remove you from the ship themselves, you won't be able to get moved. Since it's been months, though, you might be able to claim that one as a form of arrest and start a new character. the dude can help you with that.

Year 9 Day 335 10:17
Kaz Zarlengaz
Kaz Zarlengaz
Doesnt admin remove you from the ship if your trapped fr more then 3 weeks?

Year 9 Day 335 10:56
Puritas Paragon
Puritas Paragon
You might be on that ship as a prisoner. Freeing you would be cheating death.

Year 9 Day 336 3:23
Puritas, don't post in this forum if you don't know what you are talking about.

It is against the rules to keep people trapped for longer than 3 weeks either by constantly rearresting them or simply by marooning them as the game can't recognise this to give them a button to drop there character after three weeks.

People trapped on ships after this time who couldn't resolve their situation through IC means used to be moved off of ships, I'm not sure if that is still done or if admin now just provide the option to drop your character and recreate.