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Archives » how do i get in contact with the jedi council
Rihanna Gav
Rihanna Gav
i would like to became a jedi or at least see if they will let me can you tell me who i can do this thanks

You will have to use IC means of contacting them.


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IC as In-Character and welcome to SWC you can always do as I do most of the time as there is no quick button to get directly on top of things. I pick ships and then I pick a fighter producer click on their name and you get to this overlook page with lots of different Governments/Factions listed to the left. Go down to religion and then click The Jedi Order and you should find their page if you click on their name. Or simply visit this link. :P

Also, there is a very small change you will be force sensitive.
Although a Jedi might test you, it's an unlikely happening.
And you have to be force sensitive to get into the Jedi Order,
so if you fail the force test, you're outta luck. :-( Though, if
you manage to level up above level 6 there is a chance you
have become force sensitive, which means you probably
might wanna be force tested again.

Aki Joel Sonok
Aki Joel Sonok
The link you wrote doesn't work. Im new here and really want to become a jedi. Help! Some advice please.

1. Select the following then scroll down to find The Jedi Order (and all faction groups). They will have a contact us and/or forums link.


2. Before you contact them be aware that they claim to only accept force sensitive individuals, and to be force tested you would almost certainly need to join a faction that conducts said testing.

3. Check out the force rules page. As mentioned already in this thread the chance of being or becoming force sensitive is quite small.

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