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Year 9 Day 337 23:18
Why is this ship Unique yet there is evidence of at least two in existence Canon-Wise..

I know this game isn't really canon with Alderaan and other stuff (legal issues I think I heard before concerning copyright?), would that be one of the reasons it's Unique?

Or was there only 1 known home-one-type ship back when SWC was created/NR?

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Year 9 Day 338 1:31
It was just a decision made by the administration a long time ago. The argument has been brought up before and went nowhere.

And no, differences in SWC and canon are not due to copyright issues.

Year 9 Day 338 8:48
Shane, the game is pre-ANH, so Alderaan still exists just fine.

I recall this being discussed, though, about it being made available for production. I don't think anything ever happened, though, as Mikel said.


Year 9 Day 338 10:16
Though it is difficult to assess the time in comparison to the movies (since events and people are different between the two), it has been generally agreed upon that this game is set within the area of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. However, with the new movies and new ideas, we will be incorporating ships and systems from the new trilogy as well.

- SWC Guide

I believe that this falls into the later part of the Guide's description.

Year 9 Day 338 10:37
which means it should be *unincorporated* as unique I'd think because there was 'Home One', 'Independence', and 'Defiance'..


It is currently like making the SSD's Unique (which they arent) because they were the empire's biggest and baddest Star Destroyer - while Home-One type was the best the Alliance had..

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Year 9 Day 338 10:58
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
This isn't a suggestion forum, though.

Year 9 Day 338 11:03
though suggesting to have it taken off list is an *alteration* and against:

3. New entities or alterations to existing entities. Entities meaning ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities, items, droids etc.


Year 9 Day 338 11:09
So you've found yourself a moot point.