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Year 9 Day 347 1:55
Okay I finally got out of the welcome center and I've been accepted by the new republic. I even have a few NPC in my party. I've been walkiing in the city trying to get off Corellia to the planet the new republic is on. However I can't seem to hire a ship. How do I get out of here to the planet they are on? Do I need to buy one? If I have to contact some person how do I do that. I am still new to this game so any halp is welcome!


Pandaro Mitchell

Year 9 Day 347 2:22
You can either take an NPC transport from the nearest Starport (you can find the city it's in through the planet map - it has a special icon) or the NR should be able to arrange for someone to pick you up. Best to check with them to see how they would like you to proceed. They should have someone handling new members who will be familiar with the process. I'd try their forum if nobody has gotten in contact with you with some kind of instructions.


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