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Year 9 Day 348 11:36
I suddenly got a warning of multi account violation. I had just left a faction and then joined another faction. I know that one person that I work with was in the old faction, but he is no longer active. Is this the potential reason? Please let me know.
Thank you,
Saro Asher

Year 9 Day 348 14:23
If you are a registered multi with the person, and you are in different factions, then that would have been a violation under the old rules. The rules change from 3 days ago made this unnecessary, as you can review on the Sim News from that time.

If you have further questions, it would be best to contact the multi-accounts admin directly.


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Year 9 Day 350 16:42
Thank you. Feel free to close this thread.

Good news about the rule change.