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Year 9 Day 350 8:49
I have submited a private picture for a set of my gear ( suit and helmet) and I have not received a response yet and the custom pics have not shown up. If someone could get back to me on this that would be great.

Dr. Manta Birostris

PS if this is in the wrong thread then I am sure someone will tell me and not point me in the right direction!

Year 9 Day 350 11:15
Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
Commonsense would suggest that you would contact a member of the art team or possibly the art director. Or even just post in the Art Public Forum. :p

The image has only been on the list for a couple days but the problem is that we have been discussing whether or not it should be approved. Basically, the image is most likely from another sci-fi franchise and doesn't resemble the rules image in any way. Yes I do realize that the current rules image is pretty crummy.

-No non-Star Wars garbage (Pokeballs, Transformers...)

- Myself

It's not that we hate these things outside of SWC (Pokemon sucks and deserves to be hated) but this is to be the Star Wars universe.

PS: Your sigs take up too much room vertically, please reduce them by half.



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Year 9 Day 350 12:21
OK made sig smaller...................Well I hope you guys decide that the custom suit and helmet I submited is ok.