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Year 9 Day 350 16:58
I'm looking over the rules (Planetary Economy page) and I can't find information that pertains to my situation.

My group owns 2 cities on a planet:
City 1 has 1 power generator and 1 personal residence.
City 2 has 4 100-flat skyscrapers.

Now, I thought that the rule was that unpowered flats did not apply to the planetary control equation. If that is the case, in terms of planetary control, there should be only 1 flat being counted, the 1 personal residence.

However, the planetary government is listed as "none".

I don't know if I just have the rule wrong in my head or if there is an error somewhere. I wanted to check.

Year 9 Day 350 17:37
Roy, you need to own >50% of the flats, AND those flats be powered. It's not 50% of the powered flats, rather it's a powered >50% of the total flats on the planet.


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Year 9 Day 350 18:25
Ok. I see the distinction now. Thanks for clearing that up Hal.
*Roy runs off to get a generator started