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Year 9 Day 354 10:10
Ra-Cor Jorij
Ra-Cor Jorij
When checking the 7x7 Zoo facility I noticed that it didn't have the FIM sign.

Is there are reason why the Zoo isn't able to provide an income? It seems a commercial facility to me.

Please enlighten the situation for me.

Thank you,

Ra-Cor Jorij


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Year 9 Day 354 10:58
Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
Actually, there is no good reason that it wouldn't make income.

Door charge
Those coin operated machines that you can buy food to feed the animals

Perhaps down the road you could increase the amount the Zoo makes by acquiring more/rare animals for it.



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Year 9 Day 354 11:07
Or like in Zoo Tycoon, you could release the dangerous animals out into the zoo when the guests start complaining too loudly about not being able to find a restroom! :-)


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Year 9 Day 355 0:05
Please direct your suggestions to the suggestions forum, and hopefully they will be implemented.



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