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Year 9 Day 356 7:39

I joined SW combine a couple of years ago as Aarin Gend but haven't been on it again for a while.
When I came to log in again it said my password or handle was incorrect. I then decided to try and retrieve my password but was told that my e-mail account wasn't on the system.

I assumed that my old account had been deleted but when I tried to start as a new character I was denied under the multi-accounts rule. I e-mailed multi-accounts@swcombine.com to try and resolve the problem but it has been a while and I still have heard nothing from them.

Can anybody help please?

Year 9 Day 356 7:41

By the way, my e-mail is robert_1990@hotmail.co.uk so if my old character hasn't been deleted can you pleases send me my old password.

Year 9 Day 356 11:16
There is no match for that handle or e-mail address in the database. If you were level 1 and did not log in for more than nine months, it would have been deleted. If you are certain you provided the correct handle/e-mail to look up, you can go ahead and create a new account.

Year 9 Day 357 5:57

I tried to create a new account but was denied under the multi-accounts rule.

Year 9 Day 357 8:04
Not sure if it would help, but would using your previous characters handle as the multi-account entry allow you to get past that? At the moment multi-accounts have less restrictions than they used to - and you can always get it recinded later once the problem with your other account is fixed.


Year 9 Day 357 8:38

I'll try that after my latest application comes back or if I get a response from multi-accounts.

Year 9 Day 361 1:57

Nope, that didn’t work, I got rejected again and I still haven’t got a reply from multi-accounts from my first application (how often are they checked). I only e-mailed them once so I haven’t got multiple applications.

Year 9 Day 361 3:02
Did you perhaps submit an attempt with the handle Jab Lonestar? It shares your IP address and has not been logged into. If you can confirm the e-mail address of that account (a gmail address) I can help you gain access to it.

Year 9 Day 361 8:34

Nope that wasn't me but I am at work so it could be someone else.

Year 9 Day 362 2:42
It does not display as a proxy, which is how most shared IPs display through our join system, so that is definitely the reason you are being rejected. Since you say you are attempting to join from work, I would recommend joining from your home connection instead where you are certain no one but you has previously attempted to create an account. You will be able to log on from work without any trouble since the other account has not actually been accessed.

Year 9 Day 362 6:55

Thanks, much appreciated.