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Archives » Ship volumes logic question
Year 9 Day 356 17:29
I can't believe this isn't documented, It could be I just missed it, but I'm curious, How does a ship 400M long have 1,000,000 M^3 of space in it?

1,000,000 / 400 = 2500 so the ship would look like a saucer.... 2500 meters in diameter.

Is this a adjustment from reality thing to simply make it so we can haul stuff?

Just wondering... I notice this is common across most of the Capital and cargo vessels. Fighters too...


Edited By: Tarc Drathul on Year 9 Day 356 17:30
Year 9 Day 356 17:31
Tarc, don't neglect the 3rd dimension. If the ship is even only 20 meters high, it becomes only 125m wide...


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Year 9 Day 356 18:11
:) Gosh I was asleep on that yea that makes sense.... I've been calculating 1 foot thick concrete slabs all week... Just had it stuck in my head that everything is 1 thick...

Tarc wonders off in search of beer and sleep in no particular order of importance.....

Year 9 Day 357 1:47
Wuma Uxal-Lumir
Wuma Uxal-Lumir
makes me wonder about city sizes and ship sizes.
A bulk freighter can land in 1 city square but a hotel is 1x3 and smaller then the bulk.

Will this be changed also?


Year 9 Day 357 2:14
No. Planetary dimensions are largely unrealistic; individual squares are assumed to be 1x1km, which obviously results in improbably large facilities. All of this is for balance, not realism.



Year 9 Day 357 7:41
Dead Sin Jade
Dead Sin Jade
I always thought it was 2x2... =\

Year 9 Day 357 8:01
Although Cam would rather the size removed from the rules page. Besides, I think there was something about having the facilities renamed so that they sounded more like a collection of similar buildings like an industrial estate, rather than sounding like just a single building. Cities might make more sense then.