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Year 9 Day 358 13:04
Christopher Eagles
Christopher Eagles
Who is it that controls the DCs to shipyards & Space Stations?

Is there a list mainly of the Shipyard DC owners?



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Year 9 Day 358 13:06
- Black Sun
- CorSec
- Falleen Federation
- Galactic Empire
- Tenloss Syndicate
- Hapes Consortium
- Trade Federation
- Anzatan Commonwealth
- The Krath Dynasty
- New Republic
- Eidola Pirates
- Mandalore
- Corporate Sector Authority
- Haor Chall Engineering
- Avance Coalition
- Akheton Vehicle Corporation
- Red Star Alliance
- Triumvirate Coalition
- Ailon Nova Guard
- New Imperial Order
- Uukaablis Trans-Systems
- Ubrikkian Industries
- Aratech
- Tresario Star Kingdom
- BlasTech Corporation
- Black Nebula
- The Syndicate
- Rothana Industries
- Federation of Free Alliances
- Kuat Systems Engineering
- Tion Hegemony

LoL Hope that helps.

EDIT: This is the Shipyard datacard owners list.

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Year 9 Day 358 13:23
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Every ship construction faction has access to all shipyard models.

For other stations, look at the faction creation rules page, that has a full list of facilities and stations restricted to faction types.

Year 9 Day 358 13:28
Or just look at, you know, the rules page for the entity you're wondering about.

Year 9 Day 359 17:23
Many facilities like shipyards do not have DC's and must be produced by a shipyard faction. They can then make then over but cannot assign datacards to anyone else. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)


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Year 9 Day 359 19:30
First SYs are NOT datacards, they are basic entitlements give to ship production factions.

So which makes them only to be built by ship production factions.

Space Station Rules are here.

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Year 9 Day 359 19:52
The most useful answer was already given by Mikel. The individual page for any given station type lists all those who can construct it. Those parties should hopefully be aware that they cannot "assign" datacards in the manner of production, and would be able to inform anyone contacting them of the requirements to build stations. All other information is superfluous, and contributes only to encouraging the OP to ask again, the next time they have a question that they can answer themselves by visiting the Rules pages. That wastes both their time, and ours.


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