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Year 9 Day 360 13:51
Vito Royan
Vito Royan
Yep this question has probably been asked over hundred times but here it is.. I was wondering if combat will ever be put into this game. I have posted this once before but I never got a straight answer. So yea, will we be able to fight ship-to-ship combat with allies and what not?



Year 9 Day 360 13:54
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Of course combat will eventually be added.

Year 9 Day 361 1:39
Deleted Post
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Year 9 Day 361 2:49
Talak, take you pessimistic crap elsewhere. Your doom and gloom whining is inappropriate to the Problem Centre.

It's also been stated several times (and you should even be able to look up the bug on the bug base, if I recall correctly) that the page you reference in currently BROKEN. It's not POSSIBLE to update it. It's also updated manually when it is working, and not always at the front of the minds of people who would otherwise be using that time to WORK on those projects.

If you're so convinced this game is going nowhere, then LEAVE IT. Don't keep bothering those who are trying to be useful and helpful, and constantly insulting those who are working on improving and adding features to the game.


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Year 9 Day 361 4:38
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: off topic
Year 9 Day 361 5:23
Gitane Z Demone
Gitane Z Demone
This is not the forum for that "doom and gloom".



Ask not what the Combine can do for you, ask what you can do for the Combine.
Year 9 Day 362 2:49
Drakar, this forum is for objectively answering questions. It is not for you to push a personal agenda, or for you to complain, or for you to make suggestions, or for you to bicker with others. This is your only warning as I have no interest in wasting my time deleting posts that shouldn't have been made in the first place. Ask yourself before making a post whether or not it is objective and helpful. If it is not, don't post at all. Next time I see this from you I will remove you from the forum.

As the original poster's question was adequately answered by the first response, I am locking this thread to prevent further banter. If you have other questions, Royan, please feel free to open a new thread and we will try to answer them for you.



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